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Would you like a portrait of your Family/Family Member/ Friend/s /Animals etc ?
Our Artists produce high quality portraits in a variety of styles to choose from
 and can do so from your favourite photograph.

Choose Your Artist & Style:

Artist: Michael O'Brien

Style: Traditional


Artist: Mark Duffy

Style: Classic & Innovative


Artist: Thomas Tossie Gough

Style: Impressionist

Artist: Kevin Morrissey

Style: Abstract

Artist: Fionnuala O'Connell

Style: Fine

Artist: Mimi Kearns

Style: Abstract

Artist: Conor Campbell

Style: Surrealism

Once you have chosen your Artist and Style, Email a copy of the picture you would like to use 
to us 
specifying which Artist,
at :  or, by Post (see Contact Us)

When we receive your photograph the Artist you chose will then contact you directly to discuss your requirements.

"Certificate of Authenticity" is provided with commissioned piece (See Certificate of Authenticity)

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