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"I love the picture but I don't like the colour of the frame!

At Aisling Art Gallery we want our patrons to be completely satisfied with their purchase, therefore we provide a personalised framing service where you choose the frame you would like to go with the piece and thereby your input adds to it's uniqueness.

In association with "Thomas Street Framing", Limerick, one of Ireland's Leading and most professional framers 
we provide a reliable tailored quality service.

Why Frame?

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Choosing A Frame
View our Range

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If you do not see a frame you like from our range please tell us what your preference is and we will arrange this for you (See Contact Us)

Request A Simulation

Would you like to see a simulation of what your purchase will look like framed before you place your order?

Step 2. Enter Name, Phone No. & Email Address. (Aisling Art Gallery does not store your data)
Step 3. Copy and Paste the name of the Artist & Piece into the relevant fields.
Step 4. Choose a colour/combination from our range and enter the Colour/s you would like to see (these can be individual or combination colours) into the Simulation Colours field/s. You can choose up to 5 individual or combinations per request.
If you do not see a Colour/s you like from our range please enter your preference in Simulation Colours field/s and we will arrange this for you.
Step 5. Click "Submit"
On receipt we will acknowledge your request and forward the simulations within 24 hours to your email address.
Please note: the simulation will be in the colours you request but will not be off the actual frame, we will endeavour to make the simulation as close as is possible to the finished piece.
You may make as many requests for simulations as you wish.
Once you have chosen your frame please use the ordering option of your choice which you will find in each Artists Galleries

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