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Frequently Asked Questions

 What does the name Aisling mean ?

A: Pronounced Ash - Ling

Aisling is an Irish Language feminine given name meaning "dream or vision" and referring to an aisling, a poetic genre that developed during the late 17th and 18th century in Irish language genre poetry. Aisling was not used as a given name before the 20th century.

 Framed V Unframed ?

Increasingly people are buying paintings unframed because of three factors,


1. It substantially reduces the amount they have to pay for the piece


2. They get to choose a frame of their liking.


3. There are those who like to hang their paintings without a frame.

When you purchase a piece which is unframed and you would like to have it framed eventually, you are far better to take it directly to a framer yourself, firstly because it reduces the cost and secondly it adds to the uniqueness of the of the piece.

 Why Purchase Art?

Works of art are a good investment as quality art always rises in value. Art also makes an ideal gift for Weddings, House Warmings, Anniversaries,Birthdays, Christmas etc.

Mindful of the current financial climate our artists have priced their work accordingly and with our easy pay facillities there is something affordable for everyone.


 How do artists price their work ?

This is an area where virtually all artists find difficulty, what price to place on their work ?

Artists must take into account many aspects when determining the price of their piece, including, Time taken, Materials, Skill level, Quality of work, Reputation, Personal expression, etc.

Artists are not afraid to undersell their work and frequently do in order to get their work noticed.

All works of art are unique and gains in value precisely because of it's uniqueness.

There is an excellent article at the following link which gives common sense advice and particularly to emerging artists on how to price your work.

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