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 Certificate of Authenticity/Provenance

The Authenticity and Provenance of original works of art are what ensure their continued growth in value into the future. 

Aisling Art Gallery provides a "Certificate of Authenticity" with each piece you purchase from us detailing the following;

  • Artists Details
  • Piece Title & Unique Code
  • Inspiration (in Artists own words) 
  • Year Piece Was Created
  • Artists Original Signature
  • Aisling Art Gallery Stamp and Counter Signature

  • For security reasons only one copy of the certificate is ever produced.

  • Instructions on how to replace the certificate in the event of loss or damage using the unique code will accompany the certificate.

  • As an additional security measure and to prevent copying we do not show an illustration of the certificate either in the gallery or on this site and certificates are only produced once payment for order is received.

  • The certificate is issued by certified post one day after the money back guarantee period has expired.

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